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I remember a conversation I had with a friend once. It was about 25 years ago. My first marriage was coming to an end under pretty unpleasant circumstances. (I don’t know – do marriages ever end under pleasant circumstances?!?) Anyway, it was a mid-December day and we were walking in the waning light. There was a cold wind and dark clouds overhead threatened snow. As I tugged my coat tighter around my neck I said, “I am so not ready for winter.” With a gentle touch of her hand she said, “Of course you’re not. It’s been winter in your life for months.”

What a relief it was to just be witnessed in that moment. To have someone see and understand what I was experiencing. She helped me give myself a break and see my experience in the context of something larger, within the context of the natural cycles of life.

In the northern hemisphere, spring is upon us. Depending on when you’re reading this, equinox may have been hours or days ago. This time of year can give us a fresh & friendly perspective on change.

Spring is the earthly manifestation of new beginnings, new life, fresh starts, excitement & possibility. If you’re troubled, worried, or struggling in one way or another, the expanding hours of sunlight, birdsong, and new buds on the plants can bring a much-needed dose of inspiration and hope.

There are lots of ways to join in the celebrations of spring. But my invitation to you is to let this season support you, in whatever experience you’re having right now.

Start with noticing what “season” is manifesting in your life.

Is your current experience one of springtime excitement, inspiration, and fresh growth? Maybe you’re living the focused effort of summer, or the harvest & celebration of autumn. Maybe, like my story, you’re in a season of winter’s darkness when the reality of endings make way for new beginnings.

Spend some time outdoors to observe the unfolding of spring. Let it remind you of the ever-changing nature of life, of the reliable cycles in nature that hold that constant change, of the innate possibilities that come with every season. 

Let the rebirth happening in nature be a complement or a counter-balance to your own life experiences.

If your internal world is in a season of spring, let the natural world join you in the fun. Is this a time of focused effort? Maybe you could give yourself a well-deserved break while the singing birds restore your energy. Are you harvesting the fruits of your efforts? Reflect with gratitude on the inspiration where that harvest began. If winter is upon your heart, a little time outside might offer a welcome respite.

Each season in the natural cycle carries a certain energy. There’s something specific that’s happening, some purpose to that stage of life. As we look around at the spring energy in nature we see new buds on plants and trees, lengthening days that support rapid growth, and birds returning that have been away for the colder months. There is a resurgence of life, newness, beginning, opportunity & inspiration.

On that cold December day so long ago, I didn’t fully grasp the breadth of possibility within that particular internal winter. Today, when winter shows up in my life, I know to give myself rest. I remember that it’s time to distill and integrate all the nutrients from the previous seasons so they can feed what is yet to come. I remember to hold a little space for hope because deep within the soil a seed waits patiently for thaw & its chance to germinate. And I know that spring is right around the corner.

What season is manifesting within your personal development? Every season has an innate task, process or movement within it.  How might the way that season unfolds in the natural world support your internal process and progress?

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