Try a New Perspective

Today I’m giving myself a change in perspective.

My inner wisdom has been telling me that I need more physical activity, variety in my work environment, and more outside time.

© Kelly Burkhart 2016

© Kelly Burkhart 2016

I try to make a practice of paying attention and following my intuition. And, like everyone, I get distracted sometimes. So in the last month, I’ve made a regular practice of taking concrete actions on the whispers in my heart.

Today’s action has me working outside. I’m at a local park where there are trails, mountain views and a few picnic tables – one of which is doubling as my desk.

It’s not convenient exactly.

I had to pack up all my stuff – the bane of western existence! My papers need to be anchored from the wind. Writing is by hand and then has to be transferred to electronic format. So extra steps are added.

But the view is unbeatable.

And . . . a change in perspective can make all the difference.

So, what does that have to do with you??

That fact that you’re reading this tells me you’re either 1) connecting with support in the midst of a life change, or 2) engaged in a path of personal development and awareness. Which means, you might benefit from a change in perspective yourself.

In spite of the constantly-changing nature of our lives, part of the human tendency – almost always, but especially in challenging times – is to hold on, to want to figure things out, to plan, to make safe the path ahead before moving forward.

Planning certainly has its value. If you’re driving cross-country, a map is a good thing to have. If you’re making a big decision, it helps to have the pertinent information.

And, a regular shift in perspective is useful tool.

Once I visited an art gallery to see an exhibit of works by Claude Monet, the famous impressionist painter. There were many pieces in the exhibit, some of which were painted on very large canvases. The cleverly-designed flow of traffic through the exhibit brought visitors up close to one especially large painting. The brush strokes and color from that angle were exquisite. Later, after passing many other paintings, the visitors’ path brought us to another view of this same, very large piece. Now from a greater distance & slightly higher, we saw an altogether different image. Broader, softer, more complete, entirely different and also exquisite.

That experience has stayed with me through the many years since.

If you’re trying to make decisions about your next steps and find yourself in the repetitive cycle of information gathering, or trying, trying, trying to figure things out, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to shift your view.

We can’t see the full picture of any situation from one, fixed point.

There are countless ways to get a fresh perspective. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Try doing one thing different today. Change your route to work, clear an hour of your schedule and spend it outside, eat your lunch in a park instead of at your desk, get up an hour earlier, or spend a solo hour at a sidewalk cafe watching the world pass by.
  • Notice what shows up or crosses your path. What piques your curiosity, stirs memories, or opens your heart? Maybe something will trigger an insight – maybe not. But notice. Write down what you notice. Those sparks of interest may have something to teach you. If not today, maybe next week, or next year.
  • As you shift your view on the world, notice what shifts inside you.

Today, for me, the fresh perspective gave me a surge of energy and enthusiasm, a feeling of openness and possibility. The sounds of children laughing and birds singing made the “work” feel effortless. And I felt supported by something loving and kind.

Life will give us a change in perspective whether we choose it or not. But making the choice to view our lives from a fresh angle can give us a surprisingly new understanding at just the right time.

Just ask Monet!

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