This week’s recommended resource is one of those books that I’ve given as a gift so many times I’m not sure who all I’ve given it to and one I return to every time a new crossroads presents itself.

Transitions_CoverTransitions: Prayers and Declarations for a Changing Life by Julia Cameron is a fabulous support through times of change. It’s a book of short reflections, prayers, and inspiration that speak to the many aspects of change. 

Julia Cameron is perhaps best known for her book The Artist’s Way. That’s certainly what first brought her into my life. When I read her non-fiction work, I feel like I’m sitting with a kindred spirit. Transitions is no exception. 

In it, she speaks in specific terms to the broad range of transitions that touch our lives. Changes in relationships, birth, death, illness, uncertainty, loss. Changes in work or career, identity, and financial status. 

She also writes of qualities that are helpful no matter what type of transition you’re facing. Everything from curiosity to patience, faith to courage to honesty. She speaks of the value of spiritual connection, listening to your inner compass, developing priorities, connecting with nature, and so much more.

The heart has dreams and hopes it hides from public view. The heart has secret sorrows, private woes. Listening to my heart, I must listen with gentle ears. If I judge too harshly, my heart will not speak of disappointments and their pain will remain. My heart requires my tenderness to speak its secrets. My heart rewards my love by being the true compass by which I may steer my life.    ∞ Today, my heart is safe within my keeping. I offer my heart compassionate ears to hear its dreams.                ~ Julia Cameron from Transitions, Prayers and Declarations for a Changing Life

Some simply offer comfort, the hand of a friend through a difficult time. Others are a shimmering light offering guidance as we walk a new path. But the best part, is that these short entries are written in her straight-to-the-heart style. 

If this holiday season finds you facing a change in your life, give yourself this small gift. I think you’ll be glad you did. 




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