The Gift Inside Discontent

What does discontent look like for you?

We all have moments or days of discontent.  They come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes, can be a little hard to recognize.

For me it sometimes looks like boredom – everything feels drab and routine. Sometimes it feels like frustration – what I’m working on doesn’t flow smoothly; the pieces just don’t seem to fit. Other times it shows up as irritability – everything seems to get on my nerves.

However it shows up, I seldom welcome it.

Sonia Choquette reminded me recently that discontent is an internal signal that my deeper self is ready to create something new. Being fully present with my discontent is, when allowed, not a burden but a doorway.

It’s a doorway to a freer, fuller expression of Self.

Today’s discontent is being given an opportunity to make a colorful sign to post above my desk. Yesterday’s discontent was taken to the bead store to select sparkly supplies for my holiday projects.

I’m learning that each time I accept my discontent, without judgment, another small piece of frustration melts away and fresh ideas begin to bubble to the surface. As I give my discontent space and a voice, it takes me places I hadn’t previously imagined. It takes me deeper into myself and I find new words longing to be spoken and new ways to share what I’ve been given.

I’m released from old burdens when I embrace my discontent and am grateful to find the joy that it contains.

Do you have stories about transformation prompted by discontent?

I’d love to hear them!

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