What people are saying . . . . . .


“Kelly understands the value of identifying with the natural world in a simple yet profound way.  Working with her, I’ve developed many tools that allow me to embrace my deepest truths.  I’ve learned ways to quiet the chatter of daily living while listening for a more subtle message, one that contains my life’s joyful purpose!  I appreciate that Kelly does not push, rather she encourages and allows.”
– – Rhona

“Kelly is a wonderful life coach! She listens, really listens. She has a clarity and a presence which have helped me keep going deeper into what I know to be true.  Kelly doesn’t push an agenda or set a process.  It is as if she is a midwife helping you birth the life you want! She brings skill, caring, the ability to be present, and all of her own experiences to assist you in this process.  I am very grateful for the work (or should I say play)  that we have done together!”

– – A.K., Flagstaff, Arizona


“The experience enabled me to rediscover, revive and reconnect with my lifelong dream and passion . . . . .  the experience encouraged me and laid the path to make my dreams a reality.   Thank you so much Kelly!”

– – Red-G S.


“Though I am a natural goal-setter, the life coaching experience gave me tools to ensure my personal goals are right for me and not externally derived.  In addition, I learned to listen to my inner self so that I can make decisions that are true to my nature and good for my overall life successes.”

– – Cynthia N.


“Personable, intuitive, creative; an innate ability to facilitate my internal process of introspection.”

– – R. S.

“In a different time and place, Kelly Burkhart would have been called not “coach,” but “healer.”  She has worked for years with people suffering the affects of addiction and alcoholism, helping them–and her other clients–overcome past traumas and the negative patterns that lock in suffering.  A Reiki master with a lovely, calming presence, she also helps helpers, teaching caregivers to protect their energy and continue to serve as she does, with clarity and power.”

– – Martha Beck