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Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Love – The Universal Medicine

What do you love? What makes your spirit feel light and your heart swell? Just a few minutes of watching the news, can set off alarm bells. Wrestling with a difficult choice, navigating an illness, the threshold of a life transition can make it easy to get snagged by worry, doubt, and struggle. Just balancing […]

Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Cultivating Belonging

There is a healing, nourishing, life-breath within connection. It is one of the most fundamental needs we have as human beings – to feel connected – to ourselves, to the world around us, to our community. Grounded in a sense of connection we feel loved. We feel like we belong – something essential to the […]

Silence, Separation and Connection

I’ve been thinking about connection. About how in the face of our western, independent mindset we get to feeling deserted, lost and alone. About how the very pain of that experience can open us to see the illusion in that thinking and feel the deeper truth of our connection to . . . well . […]

Grounding and Connection Practices for Calming Fear

Fear can be a tricky emotion to navigate. I’m a firm believer that our emotions, in their pure form, are useful and informative. They’re a source of insight and energy. And they can get distorted, amplified or disruptive when we don’t learn how to befriend them and work with them skillfully. The clear form of fear […]

Remember, You’re Not Alone

You don’t have to do this alone. The truth is, even if you could do “it” alone, whatever it is, so much more is available to you. This physical existence is an amazing thing. It’s through this body that I experience my footfalls along the familiar forest path. These eyes witness soft snowfall and radiant sunsets. […]

A Place to Rest Your Worries

We live in a society that seems to demand an endless amount of rushing. From place to place, project to project, event to event. Where multi-tasking is seen as immensely valuable in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Where the new, fresh, different, exciting and dramatic are exulted. Where communication is more and […]

The Antidote to Loneliness

I’m working outside this afternoon. As the daylight hours get shorter here in the northern hemisphere, I find myself eager to soak in the sunshine while I can. Even as I write this, I think the birds and squirrels are on a similar mission, gathering in all the nourishment this season has to offer.  I came […]

Keeping It Simple

Some of the topics I write about most often are supportive connections, gratitude and oneness. They are central elements in my life and my work. They are qualities, experiences, actions that I attempt to embody and I often feel as if I’ll forever be learning to understand them. This week’s recommendation has been one of […]

Letting Go to Stay Connected

Life has its own seasons & rhythms, ups & downs, successes & challenges. In the midst of the ebb & flow it can be easy to slip away from our connection to the sacred. Whether for you the sacred is something spiritual or a deep awareness of the present moment or a sense of being […]

Opening Into Oneness

I made a visit to the west coast a few months ago. One evening after walking the trails of a wildlife preserve, I sat on the rocky shore to watch the sun sink into the ocean. I’ve experienced some loss in my life over the last couple years and chose that trip intentionally as I […]