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Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Cultivating Belonging

There is a healing, nourishing, life-breath within connection. It is one of the most fundamental needs we have as human beings – to feel connected – to ourselves, to the world around us, to our community. Grounded in a sense of connection we feel loved. We feel like we belong – something essential to the […]

Calming Fear and Finding Peace

Over the last couple of posts I’ve been talking about the automatic mind/body response to fear. The practices I’ve offered help us shift from the reactive, fight or flight mode to the responsive, rest & digest state. You’ll likely recognize these as the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the nervous system.   Both the sympathetic […]

Grounding and Connection Practices for Calming Fear

Fear can be a tricky emotion to navigate. I’m a firm believer that our emotions, in their pure form, are useful and informative. They’re a source of insight and energy. And they can get distorted, amplified or disruptive when we don’t learn how to befriend them and work with them skillfully. The clear form of fear […]

Embracing Your Life

A couple years ago a friend introduced me to the work of Tara Brach and ever since her books & CD’s have been a mainstay in my library. Clinical psychologist & meditation teacher, Tara Brach’s work blends these traditions seamlessly and radiates with gentleness, clarity and humor. In her first book, Radical Acceptance, she guides […]

A Return to Wonder and Belonging

Last week when I was writing about the gifts inherent in developing a close relationship with nature, I was reminded of a book by Byrd Baylor, Your Own Best Secret Place.  Officially, Byrd Baylor’s books are classified as children’s books. (I first came across them a long time ago when my son was young.) But don’t […]

The Antidote to Loneliness

I’m working outside this afternoon. As the daylight hours get shorter here in the northern hemisphere, I find myself eager to soak in the sunshine while I can. Even as I write this, I think the birds and squirrels are on a similar mission, gathering in all the nourishment this season has to offer.  I came […]

Barbecues, Beaches and Bookclubs – Oh My!

A circle of friends sat on my deck last night. We’re a book club – of sorts. Really we just like to get together, eat a great meal and talk about our lives: what we’re reading, who’s kids are graduating, our latest passion.  Last night was standard fare and we ended up making our way […]

A New Year’s Wish

There are two places I’ve found that return me immediately and firmly to a sense of stillness within and connection to the world around me. One is hiking in sandstone canyons. The other is cross-country skiing through a silent forest. I was reacquainted with my cross-country skis a few weeks ago. We’d gotten about 20″ […]