Struggling to Find Balance? Look Inside.

Balanced Rocks via Flickr Commons, Ellen MunroIn our society there seems to be no end to the demands on our time, energy and attention. Even if we filter out the frivolous, it can often feel like a struggle to make time and space for the things that matter most. Career and family. Friends and worthy causes. Add to that all the demands of keeping a home running.

Too often our own needs are last on the list and the first to be sacrificed.

In fact the first to be sacrificed, time to journey inside ourselves, is the key to balancing all the rest.  

If we first can learn to create balance within ourselves, balancing the external demands becomes much more clear.

In the ebb and flow of life, balance is more a target than an absolute, but we can learn to get better over time at finding an equilibrium that feels natural and nourishing. From that place we have a better foundation to face the challenges that surface in our lives. 

There are so many ways to see the various systems operating within ourselves.  

In The Language of Emotions, Karla McLaren talks about finding a respectful relationship between our emotions, intellect, body and spirit.  She expands our understanding of the value of each by comparing them to the elements water, air, earth and fire. 

We’ve all learned about the distinct functions of the left brain and the right brain. It’s not uncommon for us to notice the qualities of one operating more dominantly than the other in our behavior and personalities. But is it really true that your ability to be creative has to be shelved if you’re an accountant?

Many cultures and traditions recognize energy centers operating within the body.  Some traditions identify three or five energy centers.  Most well known is the understanding of seven energy centers beginning at the base of our spine and extending to the crown of our head.  Each energy center is associated with different aspects of our mind, body and spirit. When one is neglected, there’s usually a negative effect on another. 

These are just a few of many ways to view the various aspects of ourselves.  The common underlying message ~

 . . . . . . we’re at our best when we attempt to find balance among the many elements of our being. 

The key is to learn to accept, honor and integrate all of them, to allow them to work in concert, not in opposition.  In fact, they are designed to work together.  The emotions bring intuitive wisdom to rational decision making. The creative side of the brain winds it’s way through and around a situation our logical brain has worked on all day and projects the solution, fully formed, into our consciousness when we least expect it.  Fueled by knowledge, our imagination envisions an idea and the power of our will keeps us moving until finally we bring our intention into physical form.  

The truth is we all have natural tendencies toward one or more aspects of ourselves.  I tend to lean toward certain strengths and less toward others. But I’m not a solely logical person or emotional person.  I’m neither singly left-brained or right-brained.  Neither are you.  There is a place for the full expression of all of it, in its own right time and place. There are stages in our lives where we’ll need the strength of one part of who we are more than another. We can learn to use our natural leanings to coax out the ones that tend to stay in the background.

Life changes when we learn to value all of who we are ~ respect, honor and express all of who we are.

It begins simply with awareness. Just noticing and listening. This might take a little slowing down. It might help to question some of the absolutes we tell ourselves – about ourselves. Then a little willingness to make a bit of space for something new, something different. Even if it feels unusual, try accepting a part of yourself that you’ve previously judged harshly. And finally, do all of it with kindness and gentleness. 

When we can love ourselves enough to embrace all of who we are, we meet external demands as a complete person.  With the full expression of the diverse elements of our being, we’re ready to face the choices and challenges that life presents.

And we often find a new, surprising and delightful experience begins to emerge.

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