Return to Yourself

In this age of readily accessible information, I’m drawn to information about how we learn, heal and Nature & Stillnessgrow. I love exploring avenues for transforming challenges into beauty, service and celebration. Since you’re reading this, there’s a strong chance you too are on a quest to heal yourself, your community and this planet that provides us with life.

You may also be inclined to look outside yourself for ways to reach those goals. We’re surrounded by a rich and varied supply of learning and inspiration opportunities. But there is also a boundless supply of inspiration and guidance even closer yet.

Again and again, what I need to be reminded of are the simple but profound practices that keep me connected with that source of guidance and inspiration. Small acts that when practiced often, allow us to stay grounded in a center of peace and attuned to an irreplaceable wisdom.

First, remember to breathe.

It sounds silly, right? Remember to breathe! But check in with your body. How often in a stressful situation do you find yourself holding your breath? I sure do! It doesn’t even have to be stressful. Sometimes we can focus so intensely that we hold our breath in deep concentration. Other times excitement can cause us to hold our breath in anticipation. So here’s my reminder – to both of us. BREATHE. Right now. Stop reading this and take a full, deep breath and follow it up by a long, complete exhale. Now do it two more times.

Seriously, this simple practice releases the fight or flight response, signals our bodies to relax and helps our brains function far more efficiently.

Second, dive into your senses.

We are creatures with large, complex brains. That’s great. But sometimes we can get so absorbed in the workings of the mind that we forget to notice what’s happening beyond that powerful computer. What’s happening in the physical world around you? Are there birds singing or children laughing? Do you smell the scent of coffee in the air? Do you feel that change in temperature or angle of the sunlight? Next, take a look at what’s happening within you. Learn to read your body’s signal of unease or discontent. Notice how it tells you that it’s overjoyed, content, satisfied. Try asking yourself what the signals are trying to tell you. Getting grounded in our senses by-passes the analytical brain and connects us to something deeper.

And last, listen to your inner knowing.

Those two actions, a deep breath and connecting with our senses, create a foundation. From there we’re just a short step away from our own internal wisdom – that guiding voice that resonates in our soul. It may whisper or, if neglected too long, it may shout. But if we pay attention, if we ask, if we listen – it will show us what we need to know. It will tell us if it’s time to take action or to rest. If it is time to reach out or time to be still. Time to learn more or time to share what we’ve been given.

These are simple practices. So simple they’re easy to overlook.

Yes, there is much wisdom out there, available to us in so many forms. Some of it is greatly beneficial. But there is also an innate wisdom in our souls. A wisdom that is so close, so accessible and so easy to silence.

May we all find the courage to listen to that inner wisdom and to act on it.

Every day!


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