Opening Into Oneness

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I made a visit to the west coast a few months ago. One evening after walking the trails of a wildlife preserve, I sat on the rocky shore to watch the sun sink into the ocean. I’ve experienced some loss in my life over the last couple years and chose that trip intentionally as I longed for the balm of the pounding surf and salt air. 

Without really thinking about it, loving kindness phrases began to roll through my mind and I imagined a single line between me and the far edge of the ocean horizon. 

As I sat there, looking out across the sea, I was struck with awe at the thought of the vastness of life in that simple, single, imagined line. From barking sea lions to microscopic organisms. That single line of life between me and the horizon . . . diverse and immense. And me – a part of all that.

Inseparable from all that.

One with all that.

A wonder so large, a reality so beautiful I could feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude.

I’ve heard again & again the reminder of learning to expand enough to take it all in. The “it” being everything I think is more than I can handle. From sorrow and heart break to overwhelming gratitude and joy. Either extreme can feel too much, too big. Through the seasons of loss and grace that have touched my life, I’ve practiced deep breathing while inviting my heart to soften and expand with each exhalation and inhalation. 

So it was as I sat on that rocky shore. I breathed. I invited my heart, my mind and my soul to expand, to soften and expand.

All this. Life. Beauty. Sorrow.

In that moment and today with this memory, I breathe & invite myself to expand.

Have you ever experienced that sense of overwhelm? A something in your life that feels too big, too much, more than you can handle? 

I promise you – you are not alone. You will get through this. In fact, whatever this is for you, it can also be your teacher, your guide, your gateway to a whole new horizon. 

Remember the vastness of this life. Remember your connection to the vastness of this life. You are one with all of it, held in a net of life and experience.

Breathe, open and know that you are part of something wonderful.


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  1. Barb June 28, 2015 at 11:58 am #

    I read your post early this morning and went outside. I thought about (and observed) all the life in our lovely forest from the ants, beetles, horny toads, trees, flowers, all sorts of vegetation, the birds, all of it. I loved expanding on your theme from the ocean and oneness.

    • Kelly June 29, 2015 at 11:25 am #

      I love hearing how you used this in your environment. And you’re so right! This is something we can do anywhere. Isn’t it’s wonderful to experience how that attention can open us to the beauty & abundance that is around us every day? I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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