Love – The Universal Medicine

What do you love?

What makes your spirit feel light and your heart swell?

Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Photo Credit: angelorosa via Pixabay

Just a few minutes of watching the news, can set off alarm bells.

Wrestling with a difficult choice, navigating an illness, the threshold of a life transition can make it easy to get snagged by worry, doubt, and struggle.

Just balancing the many responsibilities of a full life, pursuing goals and contributing to your community, can bring on a level of stress that’s counter-productive.

Come back to what you love.

Love is the universal balm, medicine, teacher, and fuel.

When in turmoil or distress, spending time with the people, places and experiences that matter most to us softens the rough edges, soothes us, brings comfort and expands our hearts.

When facing the confusion of a difficult decision, life transition, or other big change, following the wisdom of our hearts can light the path to inspiration, insight, and clarity.

Your love calls you to action, urges you to care for your children, the earth, it’s plants and animals, and invest in social justice. Remember to experience the benefit of the very causes you serve. ┬áPut down the chores and just play with the kids. Walk in the forest and listen to the bird calls held within the profound silence of the earth. Sit with the very social groups you support and receive their love as surely as you give yours.

Love – deep & abiding love – goes far beyond the romanticized version that is so often idealized. At its core, love is connection. And even when it’s hard to see & feel, connections – ordinary and remarkable – are all around, simply waiting for us to notice.

Make a practice of noticing, embracing and nourishing the many forms of connections that are available.

Build connection with self. Dance to your favorite music – – and sing along. Give your body the movement and care it craves. Cultivate your interests and passions – spend time engaging your creative spirit in whatever form that takes.

Spend time connecting with others. Hang out with your kids, your pets, your friends. Share ideas and stories, laughter and fun. Be witness to each others triumphs and heartaches.

Recognize your connection to the world. A rich and varied form of connection – the natural world offers us birds, plants and animals, sunrise and sunset, forests, deserts and shorelines. It abounds with color, sound and scents. Let yourself be supported and inspired by the interconnection of it all.

Abide in a connection with a power greater than yourself. This is perhaps the most profound, most personal, most reliable, and most intangible form of connection. You may call it Spirit, Divine, Nature, Science, Truth, Presence. For each of us, its flavor and expression are unique. But it is surely the most powerful form of connection and worth the effort in finding its alignment within you.

We live in this physical world. Practical decisions need to be made. Actions need to be taken in their right time. Sometimes life stretches us to the edges of our comfort zone and skill level. So rest, often, in what you love.

Let yourself be soothed by love.

Let your decisions be informed by love.

Let your actions be fueled by love.


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