Let the Darkness Hold You

Photo Credit: Shawn Carpenter via Flickr

Photo Credit: Shawn Carpenter via Flickr

This is one of my favorite times of year to lean in to the support of earth’s natural cycles. To let the darkness be a resting place, a quiet time to listen deeply to our hearts.

So often there comes a time in our lives when we decide it’s time to quit putting off all those things we have postponed.

Usually they’ve been postponed by choice. We’ve valued the precious time spent raising children, building a career, building a home or all of the above.  And the demands of a full life means some things get set aside while others take precedence.

It’s helpful to be clear about what’s important and most timely at any given point in life. And then one day we realize now is the moment to pursue those long-held dreams.

The trouble is, dormant dreams might need some help in re-awakening. They may have been waiting for so long that they’re in the practice of being quiet.

Habits of keeping them in the background can be difficult to change. 

Difficult but not impossible.

In the Northern Hemisphere we’re approaching the longest night of the year. For me, Winter Solstice is a perfect time for reflection and stillness, for witnessing my life in a deep way. The pulse of the natural world seems to support this turning inward.

The ever-increasing darkness as we approach Winter Solstice provides the perfect cocoon for taking that long-awaited pause. To listen for the dreams that are stirring in your heart.

Maybe you too have felt a tickling at the back of your mind, a soft voice saying, “Now’s the time.”

This is where it can begin.

No big action to take.

No Six-Simple-Steps to finding your bliss. 

This is a time to allow yourself some space.

Let yourself breathe. Light a candle.

Let yourself be held by the darkness.

Your dreams will awaken in their right time.

For now, just listen.

What do you notice?




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