Hints of Change in the Air

Trail in a late summer landscapeA couple weeks ago I was sitting outside and noticed the feel of fall nearby.

Not the crisp air or longer shadows of fall. Not yet the changing leaves. None of the distinct indicators of being in a new season. But somehow I could feel that it wasn’t far away. What signals were announcing the approach of autumn? I could never quite put my finger on it. Yet in my cells, I could feel a change on the horizon.

Nature’s like that. If we take a few moments to be outside each day with a quiet mind, nature talks to us.

The thing is – we’re nature too.

There is an animal inside this rational, well-educated being. And just like the earth and the sky and the birds ~ it speaks to us.

There is a change on the horizon that calls to you.

You’ve heard it. Even when you can’t quite interpret the language.

It tells you when this job, this relationship, this town just doesn’t fit anymore. It invites you to stretch past a place of comfort. It calls you to feel into your heart and reach a little farther. It speaks to you in the longing of your soul. 

It hints at fall even when summer is in full bloom. I know – I’ve felt it too.

It’s time to listen to your inner nature.

It’s time to trust your brilliant, intuitive soul.

When the voice of fear tells you to stay where you are, tells you that it’s safe right here. Try this. Say, “Thank you for trying to protect me,” and then remember that autumn is the season of harvest. This is the time to gather the fruits of your hard work and let it nourish you through the winter.

If your inner nature is hinting of a change on the horizon. Listen closely. It knows. It has a wisdom, an intelligence often taken for granted. Surely as one season follows another, this wisdom will guide you forward.

Trust in the nature of your soul, just as you trust the rising of the sun.

It speaks in whispers.

You need only listen.

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  1. Barb September 9, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    I feel the old familiar grip in my solar plexus as I read this. I feel the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty even as I hear the call. It always feels like you are talking directly to me. Thanks for the reminder to pay attention to the discomfort and where that may asking me to look, turn, or go. Barb

    • Kelly September 11, 2012 at 9:28 am #

      Thanks Barb – I’m glad it resonates. I’m curious, do you think the grip in the solar plexus in the body’s innate indicator of change or is it in response to what the mind says about change? Or maybe something else entirely? So many layers of information here. It’s interesting to begin to decode it all!

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