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This week’s resource has been around a long time, but still well worth a peruse for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life.Canyon Light Life Coaching Recommendation

“I Could Do Anything, If I Only Knew What it Was” by Barbara Sher helps identify inner conflicts that can tend to block us from the fulfillment we crave. It also provides some great ideas for moving past the conflicts and getting on to the life you want.

One of the useful things about this book is the practical structure. The first three chapters are for every reader. They are an assessment of sorts, designed to help you clarify where you are in this moment, the particular threshold you’re facing, and identify your own inner roadblocks. 

The remaining chapters speak to specific situations that different readers may be facing – either in the physical reality of their lives or in working with the specific inner conflict you’ve identified. 

For example, if you find your inner voice saying, “I want to do so many things, I’ll never be able to pick only one.” Sher has a chapter with suggestions and exercises designed especially for you.

If you are experiencing a level of success but still feel unhappy or dissatisfied with your life, check out the chapter titled “On the Wrong Track and Moving Fast.” 

Her chapter on Regrouping helps those who’ve just experienced a big change, planned or unplanned, and are feeling like they have no idea what to do next. 

Each chapter is loaded with exercises and insights specific to each situation. The exercises are designed to help you find some peace and acceptance with where you are right now, begin to envision a new perspective and get started moving in a new direction.

When this book was written the typical career trajectory was changing significantly. Corporations were downsizing and working in small or solo ventures was becoming more common. Those trends have accelerated and other related trends have emerged. All the while, Sher’s perspective that we’re becoming a nation of consultants & entrepreneurs continues to be valid.

The value of identifying and using our natural gifts is more important than ever.

Wishing you support and inspiration you move more fully into your authentic self!


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