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I’ve been craving more creativity in my life this year – – a quality I can find challenging at times. 
A friend & colleague that I met during my coach training, Grace Mendez, is a Zentangle teacher. I’ve heard her talk about the technique many times & have always been curious. So as I pondered a new outlet for creative expression it’s no wonder that the thought of Zentangle tickled around at the back of my mind.
One day I decided to try Grace’s online Introduction to Zentangle course and I was hooked.
GM_Zentangle_onlineZentangle is a deceptively simple form of drawing that uses repeated patterns to create images that, when complete, look anything but simple. And while they are beautiful, the best part is the process of creating them. So like life – the fullest benefit is in the act of creating. 
Grace’s instructions remind us to forget about erasing – there are no mistakes, no perfect, no need to to try to make your image look like anyone else’s. As I draw the simple, repeated patterns, I can feel a part of my mind settle back and rest while another part expands with ease. It’s hard to describe – but it feels great! It invites concentration and focus and at the same time, a quality of letting go, of acceptance and ultimately, surprise & delight at what emerges.
When I was telling Grace how much I enjoyed her course I repeated one of those painful beliefs that is well-entrenched in my mind. “I just don’t see myself as artistic. I’ve never been able to draw.”
Being the gifted teacher, artist & coach that she is, she didn’t let that slide for a moment. Her quick and insightful response was, “How many years in school were you taught math? And how many classes did you have in art?” 
“Kelly, it’s not that you’re not artistic, you were just never taught.”
That’s the kind of teacher Grace is.  Practical, honest, generous – – and skillful at helping her students learn.
Her online introductory course is a great way to learn the basics of this form of art. It offers clear and easy-to-follow instruction along with visual demonstration. You don’t just see drawings of the steps in the process, you also get to see the technique in action. 
Try it out!  It is so, so fun!!
And if you live in California’s San Francisco Bay area, consider one of Grace’s in-person classes. She teaches several that allow you to build your skills beyond the basics. If you’re anything like me, once you’ve tried this, you’ll want to learn more!


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