Embracing Your Life

A couple years ago a friend introduced me to the work of Tara Brach and ever since her books & CD’s have been a mainstay in my library. Clinical psychologist & meditation teacher, Tara Brach’s work blends these traditions seamlessly and radiates with gentleness, clarity and humor.

Radical-Acceptance-150In her first book, Radical Acceptance, she guides the reader from feeling separate and flawed to a grounded sense of wholeness. In spite of so many advantages, most people in our modern society are plagued with a feeling that there is something inherently wrong with them. This is what Tara Brach call “trance.” Part social conditioning, part innate human experience, living bound to a belief of insufficiency blocks us from the real beauty of our own uniqueness and makes it so hard to engage authentically in this precious life we’ve been given.

Like a poison, that pervasive sense of unworthiness is toxic when hidden or denied. In contrast, Radical Acceptance shines a light on it, calls it out of the shadows and illuminates a path toward transformation. 

In Radical Acceptance, Tara Brach takes us on a journey of learning to pause so we can witness our own experience, learning how to befriend ourselves, and opening our hearts in a way that develops compassion for ourselves and others. Filled with personal stories, guided meditations and a warm and tender voice, this book is part comforting balm, part kind friend, part wise guide.

Tara reminds us that imperfection is a natural part of existence. While feeling separate and unworthy is an inherent part of human conditioning, so is our capacity to awaken and free ourselves from the prison of trance. 

“When we learn to cultivate Radical Acceptance, we begin to rediscover the garden–a forgotten but cherished sense of wholeness, wakefulness and love.”  ~ Tara Brach from Radical Acceptance

Her words remind me that the personal struggles we face are universal and they serve to remind us that there is a deeper truth, a fuller experience, to which we are being called.

May we all learn to embrace our lives and come home to the deeper truth of belonging, connection and love.

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