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Kelly Burkhart, Life, Well-Lived blog post

Today, Well-Lived

I love tea. The scents. The flavors. The warmth of the cup against my palms. The steam rising from the surface in an ascending swirl. A simple cup of tea can be a comforting, grounding ritual for me. Recently, I opened a bag of tea and read the little tag attached to the end of […]

Getting Clear About the Essentials

What’s essential and what’s optional? What are the elements of your daily routine that you must have to be at your best? As we navigate the transitions of this life, it helps to feel a sense of “solid ground” on which to stand and knowing what’s most important for our daily self-care can provide that […]

Dissolving Avoidance

Last week I found myself spontaneously making a note on along the bottom of my calendar. “Make a choice. Yes or no. Do or do not.   Don’t waste precious time and energy on avoidance.”   Yes, part of that is stolen. Thank you Yoda. Here’s what can happen for me. I run my own business, […]

Changing Your Relationship with Fear

Russ Harris has authored and co-authored numerous books. One that I really love is The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear & Self-Doubt.   Russ defines the confidence gap as “that place we get stuck when fear gets in the way of our dreams and ambitions.” “You know you’re stuck in the confidence gap if you […]

The Magic in Letting Go

True freedom comes from investing fully in life. Showing up. Speaking up. Making determined, persistent, skillful effort toward what you value. And, at the very same time, releasing the struggle, the striving, the sense of force, the stress & urgency of having to have a very specific outcome. I’m an advocate of making conscious choices. Of living from a […]

Listening Deeply to Life

Through the last few posts I’ve been exploring the relationship between the challenging choices in our lives, getting clear on what matters most to us, and making sure our choices line up with what we really value.  And yet, as much as we try to put first things first, the endless distractions and demands can easily […]

Inspiration for Your Heart & Your Mind

I’ve talked about values a lot lately. Mine include a deep commitment to learning, growth and personal development. Add to that – I’m a solopreneur, responsible for everything from the vision of my business to practical, daily implementation. Put those together & you’ll understand why inspiration and education are part of my daily diet.  One […]

Do Your Choices Align with Your Values?

I wrote about values recently. How identifying & staying in touch with our values provides us with a road map for our lives.  And yet, if we’re going to live by that map, steer our course by that map, there’s one essential ingredient. Awareness. The official definition of awareness is “knowledge or perception of a situation […]

At a Crossroads?

Life is filled with crossroads. Big ones, small ones. In every moment, every choice, every action, there is a crossroads. Decisions about career, family, retirement, comments made in casual conversations, the way we greet people we meet. The fact is, these moments shape our lives – what we experience today and the stage we set for […]

4 Steps for Welcoming the New Year with Joy, Peace, and Clarity

This time of year is perfect for reflecting on the year that’s coming to an end and preparing for the next. There’s a practice I’ve developed over time and, with each year, it becomes more and more rewarding.   Here’s my transition-to-the-new-year-ritual:   1.  Celebrate your 2012 accomplishments. One great way to do this is […]