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Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Feeling Stuck? Here are 5 Helpful Paths to Freedom

Sitting at the threshold of change can be excruciating. Especially when it calls you to make a decision that you just can’t, or aren’t ready to make. That place of indecision, inner conflict & feeling stuck is one of the most challenging ingredients of transitional periods in our lives. As humans we like having a […]

The Magic in Letting Go

True freedom comes from investing fully in life. Showing up. Speaking up. Making determined, persistent, skillful effort toward what you value. And, at the very same time, releasing the struggle, the striving, the sense of force, the stress & urgency of having to have a very specific outcome. I’m an advocate of making conscious choices. Of living from a […]

Listening Deeply to Life

Through the last few posts I’ve been exploring the relationship between the challenging choices in our lives, getting clear on what matters most to us, and making sure our choices line up with what we really value.  And yet, as much as we try to put first things first, the endless distractions and demands can easily […]

The Essential Art of Questioning

There is a simple but profound universal truth. When we’re troubled, uncertain, searching . . . . . curiosity opens us up, expands our perspective and often, leads us home. When I was younger, I used to criticize my fundamental tendency to question. I would notice my journal pages filled with questions and make up […]

Return to Yourself

In this age of readily accessible information, I’m drawn to information about how we learn, heal and grow. I love exploring avenues for transforming challenges into beauty, service and celebration. Since you’re reading this, there’s a strong chance you too are on a quest to heal yourself, your community and this planet that provides us with […]

Hints of Change in the Air

A couple weeks ago I was sitting outside and noticed the feel of fall nearby. Not the crisp air or longer shadows of fall. Not yet the changing leaves. None of the distinct indicators of being in a new season. But somehow I could feel that it wasn’t far away. What signals were announcing the […]

Finding the Truest Part of Yourself

When I was a child I liked to hide in small spaces. The kind that felt like being wrapped in a gentle embrace and at the same time free to explore my own private world. There was the pyracantha bush with its bright red berries at the side of the house. A tiny opening between […]

Your Life is a River. Follow the Current.

I know and love many people who spend their time rafting the rivers of the west. From time to time I’ve been invited to join them. A couple weeks ago I had just such an opportunity. It was a “float” trip. Mostly flat water; no rapids. We moved through a beautiful canyon, lined with hot […]