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Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Cultivating Contentment

Nothing cultivates a greater sense of satisfaction than noticing beauty and feeling gratitude. I was in a class recently and to illustrate a part of the training we were encouraged to explore the space we were in, to notice and really take in what was beautiful or pleasant to the our senses. We were reminded […]

Keeping It Simple

Some of the topics I write about most often are supportive connections, gratitude and oneness. They are central elements in my life and my work. They are qualities, experiences, actions that I attempt to embody and I often feel as if I’ll forever be learning to understand them. This week’s recommendation has been one of […]

Thank You – The Doorway to Oneness

So often, I’ve talked about gratitude. I’ve seen the ways that gratitude shifts my attention from what’s not working to what is working. I’ve seen its alchemy of transforming pain to peace. I’ve watched the way it expands the good stuff and shrinks my troubles. And yet – gratitude continues to be my teacher. Last […]

What Will You Shine a Light on Today?

Attention is a lot like a spotlight.  As a young mother, the gurus of parenting how-to’s reminded me to focus on my child’s behavior that I wanted to encourage and not to make a big deal of the challenges. I hadn’t seen it modeled but it made sense so I gave it a try.  Not […]

Make Every Day Thanks Giving

No, I’m not suggesting turkey and pumpkin pie for dinner every day – unless that’s what you really love.  What I’m suggesting is that you try a daily experiment in gratitude. This isn’t a new or original idea.  The principle of gratitude can be found in many traditions, ancient and new, spiritual and secular.  Building […]