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Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Cultivating Contentment

Nothing cultivates a greater sense of satisfaction than noticing beauty and feeling gratitude. I was in a class recently and to illustrate a part of the training we were encouraged to explore the space we were in, to notice and really take in what was beautiful or pleasant to the our senses. We were reminded […]

Fall Inspiration for Navigating Change

It’s mid-afternoon. It’s cool, in spite of the sunny, cloudless sky overhead. A breeze is softly rustling the leaves. The gentle “tee-yer” of little goldfinches (can’t bring myself to call me “lesser”) float from the apple tree that’s lending me shade. A Rufous Hummingbird chases a Pygmy Nuthatch in crazy twists and turns from tree […]

Wisdom of the Seasons

I remember a conversation I had with a friend once. It was about 25 years ago. My first marriage was coming to an end under pretty unpleasant circumstances. (I don’t know – do marriages ever end under pleasant circumstances?!?) Anyway, it was a mid-December day and we were walking in the waning light. There was […]

Meeting Change with Lovingkindness

Change shakes up our sense of identity. Who am I now that my role as mom no longer takes daily attention? Or now that I’ve left that old job, landed that great promotion, lost my best friend, decided to go after that big dream? No matter what the change is, what once gave shape and […]


Getting the Life You Want

This week’s resource has been around a long time, but still well worth a peruse for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life. “I Could Do Anything, If I Only Knew What it Was” by Barbara Sher helps identify inner conflicts that can tend to block us from the fulfillment we crave. It also provides some […]


A Reliable Path to Clarity

There is a reliable path to clarity.  When we’re in the middle of big changes and everything feels confusing or stressful or like we’ve lost our way, clarity can be just what we long for and completely out of reach. But there is a path. It’s not flashy or cutting edge. It’s not rare or […]


This week’s recommended resource is one of those books that I’ve given as a gift so many times I’m not sure who all I’ve given it to and one I return to every time a new crossroads presents itself. Transitions: Prayers and Declarations for a Changing Life by Julia Cameron is a fabulous support through […]

Resources for Navigating Change

Life is filled with change. We all know this.  But you’re human; I’m human. So the likelihood is high that whatever change you’re currently going through — a beautifully unfolding new venture, learning a new skill, a new job, navigating illness or loss of a relationship — will be unsettling, completely throw you off center, or anything […]

At a Crossroads?

Life is filled with crossroads. Big ones, small ones. In every moment, every choice, every action, there is a crossroads. Decisions about career, family, retirement, comments made in casual conversations, the way we greet people we meet. The fact is, these moments shape our lives – what we experience today and the stage we set for […]

Searching for Answers

I’ve been cleaning and organizing lately. Sorting through old paperwork, re-working my filing system. Keeping what’s important. Shredding and recycling in large quantities. I’ve been dusting little corners that usually get ignored. Rearranging books and artwork and photos.  In fact, I can’t seem to make myself do much else with my free time. I can […]