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Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Embrace Your Mastery

What are you insanely good at? When we’re making our way through life’s transitions, we can get preoccupied with next steps and forget to rest in our strengths. But we all have talents and skills that come so naturally, or that we’ve developed so gradually, that we barely notice them. On the moving surf of […]

Removing Barriers

How often to you allow yourself to follow what calls you, to soak in the pleasure that is trying to find you? How often do you let yourself relax? Play? Rest? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. I’ve often noticed my propensity to allow it least when I need it most. This is part […]

Try a New Perspective

Today I’m giving myself a change in perspective. My inner wisdom has been telling me that I need more physical activity, variety in my work environment, and more outside time. I try to make a practice of paying attention and following my intuition. And, like everyone, I get distracted sometimes. So in the last month, […]

Getting Clear About the Essentials

What’s essential and what’s optional? What are the elements of your daily routine that you must have to be at your best? As we navigate the transitions of this life, it helps to feel a sense of “solid ground” on which to stand and knowing what’s most important for our daily self-care can provide that […]

Awe – One of Life’s Essential Ingredients

How often do you pause to appreciate experiences of awe in your life? Research is providing evidence for what you probably already know intuitively. Awe is one of the essential ingredients to a fulfilling life. Studies reveal that experiencing awe engenders a sense of social connection, make us more altruistic, cooperative, able to share resources […]

Calming the Body When Fight or Flight Kicks In

When we choose to take a deep dive into creating a more meaningful life, reaching for the life we’ve dreamed, or embarking on a new direction – stuff happens. Things change. Patterns & routines get shaken up. Sometimes that feels invigorating and expansive. Sometimes, it taps into fear – current fears and stored experiences from […]

Let the Darkness Hold You

This is one of my favorite times of year to lean in to the support of earth’s natural cycles. To let the darkness be a resting place, a quiet time to listen deeply to our hearts. So often there comes a time in our lives when we decide it’s time to quit putting off all […]


Tenderness in the Presence of Tragedy

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop led by Tara Brach. The topic was Nourishing Loving Relationships and it was two days of  talks, reflections and meditations, journaling and sharing.  It was billed as including her “signature practices for bringing mindful attention to our inner lives and engaging in our outer world fully and compassionately.” I’d looked […]

Getting to Wholeheartedness through Discomfort?

Today I listened to a presentation by Dr. Brene Brown at Emerging Women 2015.  Of the many things she said that I enjoyed, the one that continues to hum at the back of my mind was in reference to the research she did for her latest book, Rising Strong.   Her research revealed that the […]

Soak up the Benefits of Restorative Yoga

In a recent post I wrote about practices for cultivating awareness.  My recommendation this week can help you cultivate awareness on many levels. I’ve been practicing restorative yoga for several years and I love it!  I’m willing to bet that most of you are generally familiar with yoga. For those of you who aren’t, yoga, […]