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Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Feeling Stuck? Here are 5 Helpful Paths to Freedom

Sitting at the threshold of change can be excruciating. Especially when it calls you to make a decision that you just can’t, or aren’t ready to make. That place of indecision, inner conflict & feeling stuck is one of the most challenging ingredients of transitional periods in our lives. As humans we like having a […]

Fall Inspiration for Navigating Change

It’s mid-afternoon. It’s cool, in spite of the sunny, cloudless sky overhead. A breeze is softly rustling the leaves. The gentle “tee-yer” of little goldfinches (can’t bring myself to call me “lesser”) float from the apple tree that’s lending me shade. A Rufous Hummingbird chases a Pygmy Nuthatch in crazy twists and turns from tree […]

Embracing Your Life

A couple years ago a friend introduced me to the work of Tara Brach and ever since her books & CD’s have been a mainstay in my library. Clinical psychologist & meditation teacher, Tara Brach’s work blends these traditions seamlessly and radiates with gentleness, clarity and humor. In her first book, Radical Acceptance, she guides […]

Practices in Letting Go

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about the intersection between values, choices and awareness. In my last post along this same theme, I talked about how important it is to let go even as we invest our effort toward what we value. This post is for those of you who read that & thought, “Great Kelly. […]

The Magic in Letting Go

True freedom comes from investing fully in life. Showing up. Speaking up. Making determined, persistent, skillful effort toward what you value. And, at the very same time, releasing the struggle, the striving, the sense of force, the stress & urgency of having to have a very specific outcome. I’m an advocate of making conscious choices. Of living from a […]

Getting From Suffering to Acceptance

The simple principle of acceptance is a powerful tool for transformation. It can be applied to every area of our lives. From circumstances to relationships. From our interactions with others and to how we treat ourselves. Learning to bring acceptance to our daily lives and experiences can work a special kind of magic. I’m not talking about resignation […]