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Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Feeling Stuck? Here are 5 Helpful Paths to Freedom

Sitting at the threshold of change can be excruciating. Especially when it calls you to make a decision that you just can’t, or aren’t ready to make. That place of indecision, inner conflict & feeling stuck is one of the most challenging ingredients of transitional periods in our lives. As humans we like having a […]

Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Love – The Universal Medicine

What do you love? What makes your spirit feel light and your heart swell? Just a few minutes of watching the news, can set off alarm bells. Wrestling with a difficult choice, navigating an illness, the threshold of a life transition can make it easy to get snagged by worry, doubt, and struggle. Just balancing […]

Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Embrace Your Mastery

What are you insanely good at? When we’re making our way through life’s transitions, we can get preoccupied with next steps and forget to rest in our strengths. But we all have talents and skills that come so naturally, or that we’ve developed so gradually, that we barely notice them. On the moving surf of […]

Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Cultivating Belonging

There is a healing, nourishing, life-breath within connection. It is one of the most fundamental needs we have as human beings – to feel connected – to ourselves, to the world around us, to our community. Grounded in a sense of connection we feel loved. We feel like we belong – something essential to the […]

Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Cultivating Contentment

Nothing cultivates a greater sense of satisfaction than noticing beauty and feeling gratitude. I was in a class recently and to illustrate a part of the training we were encouraged to explore the space we were in, to notice and really take in what was beautiful or pleasant to the our senses. We were reminded […]

Kelly Burkhart, Life Coach

Cultivating Peace Through Safety

Neediness gets a bad rap. We’re living beings. We have needs. That’s a simple fact. It’s not a character flaw. Too often, social conditioning teaches us to deny our needs or numb them out altogether. Unfortunately, both those paths lead eventually to more pain and a greater disconnect from ourselves. For those of us choosing to move […]

Kelly Burkhart, Life, Well-Lived blog post

Today, Well-Lived

I love tea. The scents. The flavors. The warmth of the cup against my palms. The steam rising from the surface in an ascending swirl. A simple cup of tea can be a comforting, grounding ritual for me. Recently, I opened a bag of tea and read the little tag attached to the end of […]

Fall Inspiration for Navigating Change

It’s mid-afternoon. It’s cool, in spite of the sunny, cloudless sky overhead. A breeze is softly rustling the leaves. The gentle “tee-yer” of little goldfinches (can’t bring myself to call me “lesser”) float from the apple tree that’s lending me shade. A Rufous Hummingbird chases a Pygmy Nuthatch in crazy twists and turns from tree […]

Removing Barriers

How often to you allow yourself to follow what calls you, to soak in the pleasure that is trying to find you? How often do you let yourself relax? Play? Rest? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. I’ve often noticed my propensity to allow it least when I need it most. This is part […]

Try a New Perspective

Today I’m giving myself a change in perspective. My inner wisdom has been telling me that I need more physical activity, variety in my work environment, and more outside time. I try to make a practice of paying attention and following my intuition. And, like everyone, I get distracted sometimes. So in the last month, […]