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Thanks for stopping by. I hope the time you’ve spent here has brought you a bit more clarity in your exploration. 

20-IMG_0381I am a Certified Life Coach, trained by Dr. Martha Beck, bestselling author and columnist for O Magazine, and a Reiki Master Teacher trained in Usui and Karuna Reiki®. I’m also trained in nature-based coaching practices by Michael & Lynn Trotta of Sagefire Institute.

I live in Northern Arizona and adore the dramatic beauty of the Colorado Plateau.  Among many things I find spectacular are the color of the sky when it’s framed by sandstone cliffs, the summer light through a canopy of aspen leaves, and the sound of the unseen hawk that spends late mornings in my neighborhood forest. 

My life has been a journey to a vantage point where I can see and feel the beauty around and within me.  It’s been a journey of learning and patience and courage.  It’s been a journey from a place of deep pain to a life of deep joy.  I’ve learned a lot along the way – and am learning new lessons every day. 

Life’s transitions have taught me to learn from my mistakes and keep making the best of the life I’ve been given.

Some of my life transitions include:

    • shifting from a 20-year career in local government to running my own business; 
    • raising a son to watching him blossom into an independent adult;
    • healing the trauma of abuse to living a life that embraces vulnerability, strength and connection;
    • seeing life as scary and grim to creating a life of love, joy and peace.

I’d be honored to share with you the experience and knowledge I’ve picked up along my path, but most importantly, to be a witness and companion on your unique journey. 

As a life coach, my job is not to tell you where to find your joy – but to help you remove the veil that separates you from the joy that already exists within you.

The services I provide will always be tailored to your needs. 

Check out my work with me page for more details.

To hear more about the kind of people who benefit from this work and why it’s so important to me to keep doing it, check out this interview from my podcast, 20 Minutes to Peace.

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