A Full and Courageous Life

My relationship with the natural world is deeply important to me. It’s often my place of refuge – whether in my back yard, a wilderness trail or any range of places in between. The earth, the sky, the sun, plants, birds, trees, squirrels – they all seem to offer a wisdom I rarely find elsewhere. So it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to others who also find a source of inspiration in the natural world.

WhattoRememberWhenWaking_CoverDavid Whyte is a just such a writer. His work often draws on his experiences in nature and the awareness gained there. In What to Remember When Waking he speaks of his “astonishment and wonder at the created world” and how it is a “source of revelation” to him. 

While he’s written several books, both poetry and prose, he’s also released a number of audio series that are a combination of both. My favorite is the audio series What to Remember When Waking, The Disciplines of an Everyday Life. 

In this set of six CD’s, David uses poetry, his own and the work of others, to illustrate lessons & insights into living a full and engaged life. He speaks of the disciplines that are needed in order to move skillfully through life and find a full expression of ourselves. It’s a beautiful resource for the journey through the multitude of changes and challenges that accompany every human existence. 

The compelling nature of the poetry and the lyrical quality of hearing it spoken aloud create an experience that is so much more than simply reading the words. It is truly beautiful to listen to. Yet, this series of audios is clearly intended to teach, to offer essential skills, to offer practical guidance. And it does exactly that.

These words have provided much support on my own journey toward growth & fulfillment.  As you navigate your path through a full and courageous life, may you find the support that is exactly right for you!

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